Live-In Care Service – An Underlying Need of Your Elderly Family Member

With your loved ones ageing, it becomes difficult for them to look after themselves. You want to make sure that they receive the best care at all times; however, you cannot ignore your daily responsibilities, such as performing house chores, dropping off/picking up children from school, etc. This potentially can cause you an immense amount of stress and may also make you feel overloaded, besides the feeling of ‘guilt.’

It is imperative to understand that the need of your elderly family members have to come first, as you choose their whereabouts. It is also crucial that their likings and dislikes are taken into account. Remember, they do have specific wants and needs. Just because they have reached their golden age does not imply they can’t decide or make a choice. It’s time you show your genuine concern towards their basic needs in life, and one of them is ‘live-in healthcare.’

When we say, ‘most people do not want to go into a nursing home or care home,’ we secondarily imply ‘some may want.’ Whereas, the fact is no one ever wishes to spend their days at a hospital or in a nursing home, irrespective of any walk of age. And, when we speak of healthcare solutions for the elderly members of our family, remember that they will love complete tailored live In home care services for seniors. We understand when you say, you lack time to look after your elderly family members because that is the case everywhere. With 9-5 job design which follows a mundane life, it becomes difficult to walk the extra miles.

What precisely is a live-in care service!

Having live-in care services considered, you ensure safe, comprehensive and a healthy lifestyle for them. As one reaches this golden age, the desire to stay around our dear ones grows stronger, because of the lack of confidence to live on our own. 

Your grandparents may dare to take a walk in the evening, but the fear of sudden breakdown or deterioration in their health will always be there within. That is why 24/7 tailored live-in care service is an absolute need. A live-in care service will include ‘companionship’ around the clock, which means your dear ones will receive the exact care and attention that you’d have offered. 

The additional benefits will include full support followed by full-time carer to help them perform their mundane tasks, including personal care, cooking, medication assistance/prompting etc. Regardless of whether or not your dear ones need 24-hour care, it’s yet a wise choice to provide them so, for any potential need.

How much does a live-in care service cost?

It is difficult to state a definite cost of a live-in care service as every individual’s requirements differ. A live-in care service has numbers of variables to consider. With an arrangement covering the 24-hour period, it will cost you higher than the individual in need of 2-hour service. The cost as well differs based on the care provider you choose. Only to give you a clue, on an average, the hourly cost of live-in care service is between £20 - £30 per hour. You will want to discuss your specific needs with the care provider and see if there can be any amends on the charges because most live-in care services come with a fixed hourly rate. Help the elderly family members retain their confidence and independence 

Most elderly people dislike the idea of having admitted to a residential/nursing home, and you should take care of their specific liking. The idea of spending this time in life, living in a residential/nursing home is gravely upsetting. With age surging up and wellbeing fading, staying away from the dear ones may force an individual to go into a state of absolute despair or emotional misery. With their confidence level down and absence of independence, a 24-hour live-in care service will make a wise consideration.

Live-In Carers Direct – a widely trusted and experienced live-in care service provider throughout the counties in the UK, including cities: London, Leeds, York, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Oxford, Edinburgh, Glasgow to name just a few – allows their clients to choose their carer from a vast list of experienced and thoroughly vetted carers.


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